Convert more website visitors to revenue
You’re losing revenue from customer identity being lost
We fix this by recovering and extending lost sessions, then deliver insights on what’s working across your marketing, all while providing permanent access to the data
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How Solve can help your business
We’ll help you create the most durable customer identity
Recovery — Optimize cart and browse recovery to increase revenue. Solve’s trigger performs better than 50% of other ESP cart abandon triggers, connecting you with potential customers you would have lost. Pair that with newly acquired data insights for focused and smart engagement
First Party Ownership— Solve’s SDK helps you identify more site visitors and what they do onsite with first party data. When you know more about your customers, you can predict their behavior more accurately. Understand your customers better to delight them.
Analysis — Use your data to build more accurate reports for your organization or board. You own the data, so you can finally own your reporting.
The data from Solve informs every decision I’m making as a marketer — as it should. ‘Where are shoppers coming from?’ ‘Are they staying?’ ‘How many channel activations does it take before they purchase?’ The data informs everything.
Jordyn Casaus
Director of DTC Marketing at Crown Affair
Solve’s measurable promise
Reliable metrics, predictable success
View expected benefits overtime using Solve:
Simple Connections
It’s a really easy process- we focus on the ease of integration. We’ll set up your Shopify and ESP APIs, install the Solve cookie, and you’re ready to start collecting data.
1 Click Integration
1 Click Integration
Add 1 line of code to your theme
Increase Identification
The first 30 days will show how increasing identification improves accuracy of metrics and immediately offers a boost to your cart and browse abandon revenue. You’ll start working 1:1 with our Customer Success Team to incorporate this data into your marketing strategy

Pageviews identified
Increased Abandoned-Cart Conversions
Own every click
Lower CAC
Within 3 months, we will establish a steadily increasing identification rate and increased cart and browse abandon revenue. We’ll use customer channel, journey, and purchase history to improve CAC and MER. With a clearer understanding of more customer onsite behavior, we can build accurate audiences to export into other platforms. The first 90 days are about optimizing flows, campaign send, and spend to drive revenue.

30 Hours
Saved in engineering and manual reporting a month
Lowered CAC
Page views identified
Data Durability
By six months, you and your CSM will develop a growth and success strategy that uses your increased customer insights. You will have a solid understanding of how to use Solve’s data to optimize subscriber growth, retargeting, and audience building for email and SMS campaigns. You will receive monthly or quarterly purchase insights (basket analysis, loyalty tiering, channel breakdown) and have the option of custom reports and models

Owned Customer Data
Raw Customer Data
Don’t take our word for it
Our customers love us
“I see Solve as an excellent way to future-proof our business and our data collection. Because they gather everything on a primary, first-party data basis, I no longer feel like our data is locked away in third-party systems. ”
Julie Lefkowitz
Vice President of eCommerce at Ramy Brook
increase in revenue
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“Solve has enabled us to better capture, organize, and distribute the identification of people coming to our site; aggregate the data points associated with that person; and pass that info back to platforms that can no longer capture such data on their own. ”
Matt Curtis
SVP of Digital at HATCH Collective
“Solve lets us leverage our database of 4 million customers far more thoughtfully. You can receive many emails from the same brand in one day — multiply that by 30+ brands and there's just so much outreach. Solve helps us be much more intentional, targeted, and effective in our communication.”
Felipe Araujo
Chief Digital Officer at CARIUMA
increase in marketing efficiency
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