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How Cariuma increased abandon cart revenue by 5.7X using Solve

Learn how Cariuma uses Solve to move beyond third-party platform data, evolve their email targeting, and ultimately lift conversions and revenue.
increase in marketing efficiency
identification compared to ESP
increase in abandoned cart revenue
“Solve lets us leverage our database of 4 million customers far more thoughtfully. You can receive many emails from the same brand in one day — multiply that by 30+ brands and there's just so much outreach. Solve helps us be much more intentional, targeted, and effective in our communication.”
Felipe Araujo
Felipe Araujo
Chief Digital Officer at CARIUMA

Founded in Brazil with offices globally, CARIUMA is an ethically crafted sneaker brand. For every pair they sell, the company plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest to aid the restoration and preservation of natural habitats. CARIUMA partners with local organizations like CEPAN and SOS Mata Atlântica and has planted over 2 million trees since 2020.

The Challenge

Relying on third-party platforms will exhaust your cash

Since launching, CARIUMA has accrued an impressive 4 million+ email addresses in their database. But cost-effective owned marketing has been something they've struggled with. According to Felipe Araujo, Chief Digital Officer at CARIUMA, new privacy laws and the rollout of Apple's iOS 14.5 made CAC skyrocket, so the brand sought ways to fully own their acquisitions — and the data behind them.

The alternative would be to continue essentially renting their audience from paid channels like Meta and Google, which has expensive drawbacks. Every time CARIUMA wanted to communicate with a contact on those channels, they had to pay the CPM for the conversion – even if the user had already visited their website in the past. In other words, there was no way to guarantee cross-channel contact with existing customers.

CARIUMA was already moving away from paid channels and shifted towards email marketing to compensate for this change. But, they also needed to fix their reliance on third-party platforms to better ensure their audience always knew about product launches, updates to their reforestation program, and more. Fortunately, they discovered Solve.

“We've grown out email database quite aggressively – but the challenge is you have people in your database who visit your site, and you can't identify which actions they take. So, we brought in Solve to connect the database information to the behavior on our site with first party data. That's such a step up from third party data, where the cookies expire.”

Solve provides accurate, revenue-driving identification from day one

The Solution

Felipe says the Solve solution is effortless to get up and running. All CARIUMA had to do was create an AWS account, and there was a simple integration with Solve's ESPs. Ever since, Solve's centralized data engine has produced insights revealing patterns in the purchase flows of individual customers.

Before Solve, CARIUMA couldn't identify many of the users on their website, but now they can guarantee who they are. This has several benefits:

  • Increased identification links to targeted emails, which directly leads to revenue.
  • Guaranteeing identities means you can move customers from the paid channel, where you're cyclically paying to acquire them, to the owned channel, where you're paying for a license rather than CPM or CPC

The team at CARIUMA now understands attribution and their average customer journey at a far deeper level — no in-depth analytics on their part necessary. As a result, the brand has also become far more thoughtful in how they target and send email flows to their audience of 4 million and counting.

“Previously, CARIUMA couldn't capitalize on anonymous users sessions on our site. Now, we can identify them and have a more thoughtful conversation with them about what they were browsing for – and we can do that 50 to 80% more often.”

First-party data insights mean smarter targeting and better conversion

The Results

Solve enables first-party data collection or Cariuma, allowing complete ownership and ability to sit in the driver's seat of their communication channels.

Rather than relying on daily paid impressions through Meta and Google, the brand drives both paid and organic impressions across multiple channels. Even better, Solve empowers CARIUMA to target customers thoughtfully, cutting through the noise of their flooded inboxes.

In other words, Solve sets off a domino effect that drives web traffic and lifts conversions and revenue. CARIUMA only has about 10% of the people who visit their website in their email database, but Solve is able to increase that identification by 50–80%. That boost in identification allows CARIUMA to really make each site visit count and follow up with meaningful product conversations.

Here are some of the results Solve has gotten CARIUMA so far:

  • 50–80% increase in marketing efficiency
  • 3.5X identification compared to ESP
  • 5.7X increase in abandoned cart revenue

“A successful customer experience is about thoughtful impressions throughout their journey and the different platforms they interact with. That goes much further than multiple impressions on just your social channels. The data from Solve illustrates that and helps you figure out where to look.”

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