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How HATCH saved $150k on data tooling with Solve

Learn how HATCH Collective works with Solve to utilize first - party cookies, create a valuable identity graph, and maximize CAC to LTV ratios.
“Solve has enabled us to better capture, organize, and distribute the identification of people coming to our site; aggregate the data points associated with that person; and pass that info back to platforms that can no longer capture such data on their own. ”
Matt Curtis
Matt Curtis
SVP of Digital at HATCH Collective

Founded in 2011, HATCH Collective is the parent company of today’s leading maternity brands that offer fashion, skincare, content, and community for all women before, during, and after pregnancy.

The Challenge

The team at HATCH Collective had an urgent problem: The data provider they previously partnered with was being deprecated. As a result, they suddenly had to replace their data platform, including a new source of predictive customer LTV— all in one centralized location.

To solve this, HATCH needed a new partner who could both:

  1. Rapidly generate digestible, actionable customer and marketing channel data
  2. Provide HATCH with predictive future revenue

Solve provides HATCH with centralized, first - party data insights

The Solution

After a swift onboarding process, Solve provided an array of benefits for the HATCH team, some of which were made to order.

Benefit #1: A bespoke machine learning model for LTV

Matt Curtis, Digital Team Lead at HATCH, emphasizes the Solve team's lean, customer - centric mentality: Our team was flexible from day one.

During onboarding, HATCH wasn't forced into a pre - made solution.Rather, Solve created the best solution for their business. For instance, Solve custom - built an LTV machine learning model to best serve their needs.

Benefit #2: Reliable first-party data

Like most eCom merchants, HATCH strives to best leverage their data sources and form a better understanding of their customers. That requires obtaining more volumes of data so they can make pointed marketing decisions. On this front, Solve has enabled HATCH to:

  1. Better capture, organize, and distribute the identification of site visitors
  2. Aggregate the data points associated with each unique user
  3. Pass the info back to third - party platforms where they reach shoppers

Benefit #3: A centralized eCom data pipeline

To further streamline processes, the Solve solution funnels all of HATCH's data into a centralized location, which Matt calls a core benefit for his team.

“We get quite a lot of value out of Solve's identity network.The fact that the platform runs on first party cookies instead of third party cookies means we're able to actually leverage that identification piece in some of our marketing channels.”

HATCH relies on Solve's data engine to scale cost - efficiently

The Results

Since implementing Solve, HATCH has benefited from our data engine in two core ways:

  • Customer LTV & cohort analyses — HATCH can now accurately assess each customer's cost and value, which is critical as the team decides which levers generate the highest returns at the lowest possible costs.
  • Channel - level data — HATCH can now understand marketing attribution across the user journey, including cart analyses. This illuminates purchasing behaviors across different SKUs, as well as how they influence acquisition and retention.

This game - changing data has driven the following metrics for HATCH:

  • $150,000–200,000 saved on data tooling— Matt estimates that Solve’s level of functionality and efficacy would cost upwards of $150,000 from competing providers. This doesn’t include the significant resources required to build and maintain data pipelines or transform the raw data into actionable insights.

Looking forward, Matt considers Solve a key tool for maintaining ROI on HATCH's marketing spend, especially following iOS 14.5 and data privacy regulations. As Solve evolves into a full - fledged data powerhouse in eCommerce, HATCH is thrilled to be along for the ride.

“Solve is so helpful because it can lower the barrier to entry for brands.They provide a combination of product and service that notably improves the quality and value of the data you get for the price you pay.”

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