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How Ramy Brook increased recovered cart revenue by 50% with Solve

Learn how Solve helped Ramy Brook streamline their data queries, automate internal reporting, and recover more abandoned carts for impressive revenue boosts.
increase in revenue
from recovered carts
5 hours
a week
saved on manual reporting
increase in
onsite customer identification
“I see Solve as an excellent way to future-proof our business and our data collection. Because they gather everything on a primary, first-party data basis, I no longer feel like our data is locked away in third-party systems. ”
Julie Lefkowitz
Julie Lefkowitz
Vice President of eCommerce at Ramy Brook

Founded in 2010, Ramy Brook sells day-to-night clothing for women seeking elegant, timeless styles with modern appeal. While Ramy Brook’s clothes are sold in 250+ physical stores nationwide, their eCommerce arm is rapidly growing and currently accounts for half of the brand’s revenue and more than half of its profits.

The Challenge

As Ramy Brook expanded their eCom presence to keep up with the growing trend of online-first shoppers, the team realized leveraging data from multiple sources at once would be key to driving sales and retaining customers. In response, Julie Lefkowitz, Vice President of eCommerce at Ramy Brook, sought out a consolidated data platform that could:

  1. Stream and centralize multiple sources of brand data
  2. Track abandoned cart and bounce rates
  3. Give accurate insights into the impact of marketing initiatives

At the same time, Julie emphasizes that “future-proofing” their data was essential. She did not want Ramy Brook’s valuable consumer and marketing data to wind up locked away in a third-party system. When she happened upon Solve, Julie knew she’d hit the jackpot: access to primary data through a platform that tracks everything from site clicks to abandoned carts.

“We didn’t have a holistic picture of brand data, so we wanted to leverage Solve to get that picture. At the same time, we were evaluating abandoned cart tools. Solve brought that functionality, too. I always feel like we got lucky with this two-in-one deal.”

Solve’s first-party data solution streamlines queries, reporting, and more

The Solution

When the Solve and Ramy Brook teams kicked off onboarding, Julie was immediately blown away by three of our features:

  1. Speed & ease of data access — Any time Julie needed to run a query, she found a cache of data immediately available to her, constantly refreshed and updated.
  2. Automated internal reporting — Thanks to this Solve functionality, Julie quickly began saving time and eliminating stress with hands-off reporting.
  3. Abandoned cart recovery — Solve unifies all of Ramy Brook’s first-party shopper data to build a single view of each customer. This advanced identity resolution helps the brand target and convert abandoned carts and checkout flows.

Plus, Julie emphasizes the value of Solve’s first-party data engine as a solution for data privacy concerns. Prior to Solve, she deeply valued owning Ramy Brook’s data (vs. outsourcing to a third party) because she understood data privacy laws were ever-changing. Today, being able to navigate those industry-wide shifts seamlessly with Solve is an immense value-add.

“Instead of taking hours to run a query, there is always a cache of accurate, first-party data right there. Plus, the most-used data is readily available and constantly refreshed. That’s what I really love about Solve’s data solutions.”

Ramy Brook recovers abandoned carts, lifting checkout rates & revenue

The Results

Since onboarding with Solve, the Ramy Brook team has enjoyed impressive results, including:

  • 50% increase in revenue from recovered carts
  • 5 hours/week saved on manual reporting
  • 3x increase in onsite customer identification

Looking forward, Julie and her team are excited to leverage more of Solve’s product suite (i.e., our consolidated database for automated reporting) to deepen their understanding of Ramy Brook’s core audience. With our high-return partnership, she’s confident that as Solve scales our capabilities, her brand will be able to do the same.

“We really use Solve to drive revenue today, especially in terms of recovering abandoned carts. We wouldn’t have that boost without Solve. I am very excited to see what their roadmap looks like and how we can keep working together — both now and in the future.”

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