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How Solve increased abandoned cart revenue by 30% for Crown Affair

A Case Study in Identity and Abandoned Cart Recovery
lift in revenue
from abandoned cart recoveries
saved annually
on in-house data hires
3 hours
saved weekly
on reporting workflows
The data from Solve informs every decision I’m making as a marketer — as it should. ‘Where are shoppers coming from?’ ‘Are they staying?’ ‘How many channel activations does it take before they purchase?’ The data informs everything.
Jordyn Casaus
Jordyn Casaus
Director of DTC Marketing at Crown Affair

Crown Affair is a new kind of hair care brand — one built on clean ingredients, pared-down but effective formulations, and beautiful handmade tools built to live with you for a long time. The DTC startup is only three years old but has already scaled to 15+ full-time employees and expanded their partnership with Sephora

The Challenge

Without an in-house analyst, Crown Affair has lacked data visibility

As a small, high-growth brand, Crown Affair felt the challenges of not having an in-house data analyst. The team mainly relied on basic functions within Shopify and Google Analytics, but those tools were a manual drag, and didn’t tell a cohesive story.According to Jordyn Casaus, Director of DTC Marketing at Crown Affair, her work is extremely data-reliant and analytical. However, no one on her team had time to spare for assembling and combing through reports.Luckily, Jordyn had worked with the Solve team at a previous marketing gig — and fell in love with the partnership experience. From there, she didn’t hesitate to call up Solve for the critical data functions that her department was missing.

I needed support on a lot of crucial aspects of my day-to-day that Shopify and Google Analytics don’t offer. I’d worked with the Solve team at my previous company and loved them. It was a no-brainer to partner with them again.

The Solution

Solve’s solution was a game-changer for Crown Affair due to two factors: the tool and the team

  1. A centralized, universal data dashboard by Solve
    Prior to Solve, Jordyn was constantly pinging her teammates — from the staff to the warehouse lead — to pull data on her behalf, whether it was for a C-suite report ahead of an investor meeting or simply a routine check-in on digital revenue.
    Now, with a centralized and universal data dashboard by Solve, all she has to do is open up our platform. Aside from the easy, all-in-one access, Jordyn emphasizes the granularity and the reliability of the numbers, which simplify even the trickiest areas, such as attribution.
    Overall, Solve has been vital for both day-to-day, real-time decision-making and high-level department and company leadership.
  2. Solve delivers the impact of an in-house hire
    In Jordyn’s words, she was nervous about “being fed a bunch of reports and numbers” with no further insights or guidance. Fortunately, she found the exact opposite with Solve:
    “Solve just adds this extra layer of detail and depth to the data,” explains Jordyn, “especially since they’re so well-versed in different industries and industry standards.”
    For instance, when Solve ran an analysis of a potential subscription model for Crown Affair, the brand received not just a data set on different cohorts, but also an in-depth report on how they pulled cohorts, the story the numbers tell, and the Solve team’s recommendations based on subject matter expertise.
    The Solve team essentially delivers the level of impact and insights one would expect from a full-time in-house employee.
“The team at Solve gets our brand so much. They are involved in our objectives as a company and know what’s on the marketing calendar. There’s an in-house element that I find extremely important for companies — and Solve does such a good job of providing that layer.”

The Results

Solve helps Crown Affair drive revenue & reduce hiring costs

Since they onboarded with Solve, the team at Crown Affair has seen impressive savings and revenue growth, including:

  • 30% increase in revenue — Crown Affair has seen a “significant increase” in incremental revenue from abandoned cart recovery thanks to Solve. Even more, this revenue shows a significant and constant upward trend — with no signs of slowing down.
  • $170,000+ saved per year — With Solve, Crown Affair will not have to hire an in-house data analyst for the next 2-3 years. For a startup of their size in the beauty industry of a major city, Jordyn estimates the salary could cost $170,000 (if not more, depending on the analyst’s experience).
  • 3 hours saved per week — Jordyn’s in-depth reporting process used to take roughly 5-6 hours per week. Today, Solve’s centralized data dashboard has cut that workload in half.
“Honestly, with Solve supporting us, I haven’t thought about hiring an in-house data analyst yet at this stage. It has not been a question, which I’m thankful for. Plus, Solve doesn’t only provide data and reporting. They also bring these unique fields for driving revenue, especially by recovering abandoned carts.”

The Future

Crown Affair leverages Solve data to drive long-term growth

Looking forward, Jordyn highlights that Crown Affair is deep in the process of asking core questions about their business, such as: “What are customers buying first individually vs. in bundles?” “Where is our paid spend not worth the traffic?” “How can different decisions on the ops side impact this performance?”

Ultimately, as Crown Affair broaches more and more complex questions about shopper behavior, they need unified eCom data they can trust beyond a doubt.

And they trust Solve to provide it for the long run.

“As Crown Affair grows, we’ll have to ask a lot of specific and complex questions about customer behavior. I am able to pull that trustworthy data from Solve, which is a game changer.”
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